30 days to clear out the junky energy that is hindering your manifesting, so that you can create FASTER.

An introductory approach to

the New Home.

For those of you who resonated with the connection between Self and Home, and want to clear out the junk and the junky energy, then I invite you to come work with me.


I’ve got a brand new offer that brings together all of my gifts of intuition, working with energy, and making Home. It is one heck of a hotcake.


It’s called Clean + Clear.


Because it’s time to clean up the REAL stuff that’s holding you back, just like we talked about today. We’ll clear out the junky energy that is hindering your manifesting, so that you can create faster.


Then, we organize your space and its energy… The impact on our inner Self will be CLARITY because you will also be organizing your thoughts and your vision. 


Where attention goes, energy flows.


We organize to bring in the energy of the Manifestor. All energy flows to your vision. 

"Bridget cleared years of old paperwork from my home office. While she was here, I signed FOUR CLIENTS in TWO DAYS. I had never done that before." -- happy client

Interior of a hotel bedroom. Bedroom int


The purpose of this 30-day program is to clear the blockages that are preventing flow in a certain area of your life. To do this, we’ll choose to either “clean up” a room or choose a vision/goal that you want to manifest.


We begin with an intensive, going very deep into the heart of the blockage. (Once we identify the core of a problem, we can heal it!) During the Intensive, we’ll uncover what that room means for you and how that energy is showing up in your business and life.

Then, I will intuit how that space needs to be energetically cleared, and give you direct steps to do that. 

From there, I will create a bespoke plan to transform the space… And transmute your blockage in the process!

This plan involves decluttering, organizing, and styling guidance, with step-by-step instructions, drawings, and a shopping list with links. I use my intuition to read you, the space, and the vision you’re calling in to create this unique and holistic plan.

We’ll have weekly check-ins for accountability and progress, and to address any emotional issues that come up. I may use my energy healing techniques to facilitate the release of inner blockages.


Truly. Get ready to be transformed.

  • 30 days

  • 1 intensive

  • 3 check-ins

  • a holistic plan for decluttering, organizing, and styling your space, complete with instructions, drawings, and a shopping list with links

  • specific instructions for cleaning the energy of your space


This is the very first time I’m offering Clean + Clear, so it’s a beta: 30 days consisting of one intensive, three check-ins, Voxer support and a master plan to remove the junk from your space and get your heart and vision in line with your soul’s calling. 


The beta price is $797 and it is available to the first five women. In exchange for the lower price, I’d so appreciate your feedback on the offer and, if inclined, a testimonial.


Intensives begin June 1. 


If you know this is for you, then buy now. I'll be in touch within 24 hours!