Everyone is. You, your mom, your babysitter, your pharmacist, the Vice President… All 7 billion people on this planet are intuitive. It’s a tool we’re all born with.


We’re using our intuition all the time, but we’re also unaware that we’re doing so.


This gives us a lot of anxiety around our intuition.

Sometimes that connection is unclear.


The top anxieties clients have around their intuition:

“I don’t trust my intuition. I don’t know when it’s my imagination or not.”

“I don’t know how to access my intuition.”

“I don’t understand the messages my intuition is telling me.”

“It just comes and goes as it pleases, sometimes hitting me like a ton of bricks or abandoning me.”

“I want to make better decisions, but I don’t know if it’s my wishes or my intuition.”

“I doubt the feelings and don’t listen to them, and then bad stuff happens.”

“I’m just not intuitive, or if I am then I’ve completely blocked it.”

“I feel these deep callings inside of me but I feel alone and I don’t know what to do.”

You are not alone, my dear one.

Your intuition is your inner guidance tool. It connects you to all aspects of yourself, to the world around you, to your Higher Self, the Universe, and the Divine. It’s your cell phone with massive communication capabilities.


The Anxious to Intuitive Program is designed to help you use your intuition on the practical, daily aspects of life as well as deepen your spirituality and can help you develop your psychic abilities, if you wish. We are spiritual beings living daily lives!


You receive 5 modules of the wisdom, methods, and techniques I’ve accumulated as a lifetime intuitive and a 20-year practicing psychic. I created this program based on what would have accelerated my ability to live my intuition, and what has worked for my clients over the years.


This program is 90 days of biweekly one-on-one coaching that will transform your connection to your intuition and in so doing, transform every area of your life. Nothing exists in a vacuum!

Current participants are...

  • transforming their relationships with their children, significant others, and work colleagues

  • starting new businesses

  • changing the way they interact with the world in general

  • learning the way their intuition communicates

  • gaining confidence in acting on their intuition's wisdom


In doing so, they are empowering themselves, raising their confidence, and living easier.


Their spiritual connection is transforming how they view the world, the Universe, and themselves as part of it all. Deep spiritual gifts are coming forward and being refined.


This program is life-changing and I guide you through it step-by-step, helping you to release emotional burdens, beliefs and fears that limit your abilities, and the weight of emotional and mental clutter.




Module 1: Make Room for Your Intuition.

Setting the foundations for building your relationship with your intuition, we work on de-cluttering your home and creating a routine. We assess how your intuition is communicating with you now.

Module 2: How Intuition Works.

This is where you discover how your intuition works, and how to interpret its messages with more ease and comfort. We’ll uncover your roadblocks and clear them, and tell the difference between your emotions/imagination and your intuition.

Module 3: Reading People.

In this one, you’ll learn the helpful skill of reading energy, which will give you great insights into people and situations, and help you to make better decisions. You’ll understand more about the conscious and subconscious mind, assess your current ability to read energy and my two preferred methods of reading energy. This is my favorite module!


Module 4: Managing Your Energy.

Managing your energy helps to put you in control of your energy, and creates a welcoming container for your intuition to sound its voice. We’ll identify (and plug) energy leaks in 7 areas, explore your deepest heart priorities, set boundaries to explore them, and learn how to protect your aura. Your energy is more than just your body!


Module 5: Clearing to Receive.

In this module, we discuss how to receive your intuition into your body and life for your best connection… Because being able to receive opens us to connection. We dig, layer by layer, through what prevents you from receiving, and then align you with the energy of receiving.


Gain incredible confidence because you’ll be so connected to yourself, who you are, and what you want. The connection of your soul to your body feels like a coming home.

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