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MY NAME IS BRIDGET FLYNN, and for the last three years, I’ve had the honor of mentoring clients to powerfully access and understand their own intuition and to live their best lives. The road to intuitive development is a long journey, and every woman starts somewhere.


Distrust your intuition because you’ve used it before, and it ended badly? Or you didn’t trust it and it turned out to be right?

Long to live by your intuition, but don’t know when to act because you can’t tell the difference between intuition and fears?

Wish your intuition came with a guidebook?

Know that something deep within you is yearning to come forth, but you need tools and guidance?


I was in your shoes. Even though I’ve given powerful intuitive readings for more than 20 years.

Outside of my readings, as an intuitive person, I struggled with the (seeming) whims of my intuition. You would think that because I was a very good professional intuitive reader, my intuition would be very good in my personal life. The answer, embarrassingly, was NO.

I doubted my intuition ALL THE TIME. What came to me so effortlessly in the sacred space of a reading caused me anxiety the rest of the day. It would pop in whenever it wanted – and when I called on it, I didn’t know if it was truth or my imagination. This doubt had me spinning out when I had to make decisions. I would ask friends, family, and other psychics what they thought I should do. In doubting my intuition, I knew I was doubting myself. That was the worst feeling… And I had no idea how to begin trusting.

Acting on my intuition sometimes led to disastrous results… or I didn’t act when I should have… or I listened to my intuition and it was perfect. In short, my connection was spotty, and I was afraid to act on it for fear of what might happen.

This was crazy making! My life was directionless, anxiety-filled, stuck, and it took forever to make decisions. My life was not going the way I envisioned. I was always a good student who followed the rules. Why wasn’t there a set of rules to follow that would tell me exactly how intuition works? To tell the difference between my intuition and my roller coaster emotions, hopes, and fears? That would teach me exactly what my intuition was saying, and how to call on it when I needed it? 

Alas, there are no rules. But when I decided I couldn’t stay stuck one second longer and NEEDED to know how my intuition works, the doors opened for me. I began to see the patterns, the old school beliefs and fears; I learned to discern between my intuition and fears; I understood how my intuition communicates with me and how I can communicate with it.

Finally, I began to embrace my intuition. Began living from a space of deep authenticity, connection, and truth.

Now, I live life deeply, boldly, and connected to my intuition. I’m helping women to clear the clutter around their intuitive connection to create more successful and fulfilling lives every year.

HERE’S THE THING I want you to understand about my intuitive gifts… I’m. Not. Special.

In fact, I’m not “more intuitive” today than I was 20 years ago when I first started helping people with my intuitive readings. My gifts have always been there.

I simply learned how my intuition works to maximize its value in my life and my clients’ lives

Who are boldly living their dreams and the lives they previously thought were impossible (or didn’t even know they wished for).

SO, IF YOU’RE FEELING like you might never be able to trust your intuition, let alone start living by it – rest assured, you can.

If this deacon’s daughter can do it, so can you.

Once you shift through your fear and self-doubt and implement this proven approach to develop your intuition, your life will be lighter, and you’ll finally be able to enjoy the connection, freedom and life you’ve always dreamed of.


A 90-day private coaching program that will help you to demystify how your unique intuition works.


We decide on a goal/desire you’ve been longing to manifest and use your intuition to make it come true. Bringing your intuition and spirituality into your everyday reality means maximum transformation. 

In this program, I guide you:

  •     to understand how your intuition communicates with you

  •     helping you to begin distinguishing between your intuition and fears

  •     build strong boundaries

  •     and manage and protect your energy so that you know what is yours and what is influence from others.


Very importantly, you will learn to receive. I use my intuitive and healing skills to guide you deeper into truth.

Anxious to Intuitive is my signature coaching program, it is the culmination of 30 years of deep work. This program is the result of what happened when I took all the things that I was learning for my readings practice and applied them to myself, and then to my coaching clients.



RECEIVE THE FOUNDATIONS for strong intuitive development

LEARN TO APPLY YOUR INTUITION to business and life

COMMUNICATE with your intuition daily

SHIFT YOUR MINDSET from one of hiding and scarcity and into one of openness and abundance

UNCOVER THE SECRET DISTRACTIONS that are sidelining your intuition and create solutions to manage them

GET TO KNOW YOUR INNER BEING so well that it feels like your best friend… And how to keep that connection


MAKE A MORNING ROUTINE that empowers you to create your day and to live more intentionally


BEGIN RECEIVING more beauty, goodness, love, and happiness into your life


PROTECT & MANAGE YOUR ENERGY by uncovering the leaks & setting the necessary boundaries to control them


REIGNITE YOUR CONNECTION to Source/God and the Universe

Here are results for some past participants of Anxious to Intuitive!

The results of working with Bridget keep unfolding. The tangible result was completely overhauling my business. Now, I’m coming from an intuitive place where I can take ownership in what I offer. Bridget's deep, healing, intuitive sessions changed the course of everything for me. With each session I discovered this new version of myself. I’d recommend this program to anyone who knows that there’s something deep within them that is yearning to come forth.

J Muenz, transformational coach & gift activator

My connection to my intuition today is so amazing and so crazy that I didn’t think it was possible. When I first started, I had to really try to connect to my intuition. Now, it just comes so naturally and so easily that I don’t need to think about it. My intuition will kick in and I’ll be able to pick up on energies and people, and just understand them better. I really recommend this program for people who are seeing and feeling things and usually ignore them… don’t ignore them. I grew and learned so much about myself. 

Nina H., student nurse

I am very fortunate to have taken the Anxious to Intuitive course with Bridget Flynn. I was able to take responsibility for my intuition. I learned how to listen, hear, and be guided in a natural way. Before the course, I was anxious about trusting that inner voice, not knowing if it was my imagination. Bridget, in her intuitive way, guided me to answers that were within me already. She really got to know me for who I am, and I appreciated that.

Lola V., broadcasting

I signed up for Anxious to Intuitive because I wanted to be guided by my inner wisdom, and I knew that Bridget could help me to do that. My intuition before the program was guided by fear. I felt quite distant from it. Now, I’m questioning my immediate thoughts, especially the negative thoughts that come up. I’m guided less and less by fear, and continuing with the tools that Bridget recommended, and forming new habits. I would definitely work again with Bridget, and I recommend her so highly.

- S.Z., publishing

I signed up for Anxious to Intuitive because I was super anxious and spinning out daily. I felt really stuck and was desperate to feel better and to hear my intuitive voice. If any messages came in, I immediately started processing it through my anxiety, so I didn’t know if it was my intuition. Now, the spin outs have stopped, and I fantasize about things beyond my wildest dreams that could be real. I have a vacation to Iceland planned! I am building community! I am speaking my truth, moving forward, no longer stuck. My soul and heart are guiding my way forward.

Jessica D., editor

Bridget simplifies the process of using your own intuition and teaches you not to doubt yourself or judge yourself, and not be afraid to express it. When we started working together, I knew I was intuitive, but it was more like, ‘Why do I get that weird feeling? Why do I have these weird dreams?’ She helped me to understand that I wasn’t crazy, and now it’s a normal part of my life. I enrolled because I wanted to use my intuitive gifts to solve problems in my business. In just a few weeks, I was able to begin using my intuition to solve the problems in my life.

Monica Szymonick, legal abuse recovery coach

I felt that there was something spiritually, soulfully missing in my life. I’ve always known I was intuitive, but it was always unintentional, and I wanted to develop it as a strength and bring it to the forefront of my life. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants a fast-paced way to connect to their intuition, to the Divine, and the Universe. My life has changed in the most positive ways, the way I am with myself and the love that I have for my life and the people in my life… it’s tremendous.

Patty B., matchmaker

Bridget is opening a space for women to understand their intuition. To trust it, to allow it, to nurture it, to LOVE it.

Katrina Elkins, intimacy coach



I understand that this 90-Day program includes:


Welcome packet – 9 Anxious to Intuitive modules – 9 coaching sessions – email access to Bridget



Activate Your Intuition meditation

What Your Inner Being Feels Like meditation



Pay in full discounted price $2100

Payment plan 3 payments of $833


When You sign up, within 24 hours you’ll receive a personal Welcome email

from me with all the details!

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