Overwhelmed by all there is to do?

Intuitive Interiors to the rescue.

Because there's no place like home.

Set yourself up for a successful move.


Many of life's biggest changes have direct impact on your  home. I  set you up for success in these new chapters of your life by helping you to declutter, managing your items, and setting up your new home so that you feel inspired and supported. 


If you only hire me for one thing, let this be it!  Whether you are decluttering to stage your home or you're moving next month, reducing the amount of your belongings will greatly benefit you.

One, you have less stuff to pack. This saves money and time -- two precious resources for a move.


Two, you love and need what you have #sparkjoy.

Three, unpacking is SO much easier. It's also more delightful to set up a home with stuff you love.

Four, the weight of the past is released -- you feel lighter by leaving the past behind.

For decluttering your house, we will work side by side or I can work independently.

I do all shopping for necessary supplies and drop off all donations.

Packing - managing your belongings

Several times I've been called by desperate people because they've left the packing to the last minute and are overwhelmed. For smaller homes, townhouses, and apartments, I can help you to pack up.


For bigger homes (whether you're packing with friends and family or the movers are doing it), I can help you to create a plan of action to keep the process manageable and organized.

Unpacking - organizing and styling your new home


My team and I will set up and style your new home to work intuitively for you and your family -- getting you organized from the get-go!

Drawing upon my interior design experience, I will style your home using your items.

We can do the shopping for you, for everything from organizing bins to filling in decorative gaps to give your home that finished feel, immediately.


This is for you if:

- you don't have time to unpack and want it done quickly and well

- you've had unpacked boxes hanging out for 6+ months





This 60-minute in-home consultation is a walk-through of the space you want transformed, and we’ll discuss your goals, organizing ideas, and how you want to feel in your space. 

Road map.


After the consultation, we’ll create a plan that supports you and your family.

The work.


De-cluttering, organizing, and styling services are available a la carte. 

We can work together or I can work independently.


We purge and organize by category (clothing, books, papers, kitchen, sports, etc) and by room. Assistants can be brought in for larger or time-sensitive projects.


Practical, efficient, and stylish systems are created to support how you use the home. 


We'll use your own decorative objects and items I source to make your home feel exactly like you. Anything from filling in the gaps of your own decor to a room re-fresh.


Cleaning is part of my process. I use Melaleuca's all-natural, non-caustic cleaners. 

Shopping, donations, & consignment.

  • We do all the shopping for you. 

  • We take everything away at the end of each day.

  • We drop off at specific local charities in lower Fairfield County.

  • When appropriate, we will bring items to a consignment store and set up the account for you. 

  • We will arrange for bulk items to be donated or removed.

Follow-up / maintenance sessions.

Bi-weekly or monthly sessions are ideal for maintaining and tweaking the systems we’ve established.



De-cluttering, organizing, and decorating services are available a la carte. 

Introductory pricing:

$65 per hour.

Minimum of 3 hours. 

Billing is on the 1st and 15th of the month.

Projects 10 hours or more in a billing cycle receive 10% off.

Any assistants are billed at $40 per hour.

Custom quotes are available for larger projects.

I was bogged down with multiple levels of clutter/disorganization/planning a move and was truly overwhelmed by the reality of it all. I could not be happier with the miracle (job doesn't cover it) Bridget performed for me. Her skills in working both with people and challenges helped me to get through some pretty big changes with calm and peace. 

- Lynne, San Francisco CA

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