Desk for Success

Way less stress with an organized desk.

Optimize your work-from-home space for inspiration and maximum productivity.

It’s 3 p.m. You’re on a Zoom call with your slightly scary VIP client, updating them on your progress of their career-making project. They ask for certain details, and you freeze because this information is on a Post-It… somewhere on your desk. 


So you start searching for it, trying to come off as competent and confident. “Uh-huh” and “I’ll ask Karen, but I’m pretty sure we can do that” roll of your tongue with practiced ease. Listening to what they’re saying, you’re also quietly ripping through your desk with your right hand, moving the piles of paper, glasses, dirty napkins, your kid’s dinosaur toys, and other Post-It notes.


As it takes longer to find your notes, the panic rises in you. You stop listening to your client so that you can fully focus on finding that Post-It. Things are falling off your desk, and your stomach drops as you remember exactly where you left those particular notes -- in the bathroom.


Just as you’re about to excuse yourself, your three-year-old bursts through the door with a sopping wet stuffed bunny and tears in her eyes.


You’re on a video call.


So, forget about the fact that your computer angle gives you a double chin and your background is a bookcase that’s in the same state as your desk. 


You got bigger problems.


You’re a mess. You know you look a mess and are acting like a mess. Most gravely, you’re producing messy results. 


The thing is, you know that you’re better than this. You’ve been meaning to clear your desk, but it never stays clean and there’s never enough time. It feels like the problem goes deeper than just tidying up. You don’t know where to begin.


And so, the problem continues.

Introducing... Desk for Success

Get rid of the mess so you can be at your best.

Hello, I’m Bridget Flynn, organizer and former Perpetrator of a Messy Desk. I’ve always been very organized in my life, but my office, my calendar… No. Shamefully, woefully, no. Last minute-ness, misplaced files, not having what I needed to powerfully serve my client, missing deadlines because everything was a priority, hating stepping into my office because it was ugly, and messy.  I got beautiful results for clients, but the cobbler’s child didn’t have any shoes. And it was messing up my life.


I’ve been working from home for over ten years, so I intimately know this problem, and the mindset it creates -- a sense of defeat. I also intimately know the solution.


I created Desk for Success to help my fellow work-from-homers to shake off these bad habits and establish the systems, create the environment, and set the boundaries so that they are, every morning, stepping into their spaces and feeling confident and powerful.

You get...

This is a virtual, one-on-one service. You receive a customized plan to transform your workspace -- not only your desk, but your bookshelves, files, supplies, etc. Through decluttering, organizing, feng shui, and decor, we'll create systems that keep you clutter-free and organized in your new, uplifting environment. We go a little deeper, looking at the cause of the clutter to find the right solution for you. 

Intake call.

We review your intake form in detail.

Identify the source of your challenges in your work space & mindset.

Find your best organizing and styling solutions.


Bespoke decluttering, organizing, and styling plan, which includes:

1. A PDF that details your decluttering & organizing processes, and styling decisions. 

2. Personalized feng shui tips to improve focus and clarity from an expert

3. Set up your Zoom background so you look like the professional who has it together

4. Shopping list with links 

   *can use whatever you have in the house for now.


Guidance on setting clear division between work & home life.

Revise schedules, set boundaries, communicate better, and get your needs met to avoid burn-out.


Phone or video support while organizing.

I’m here if you need me.


Follow-up call.

After you live with your new space for a couple of weeks, we can fine tune things

"Bridget cleared years of old paperwork from my home office. While she was here, I signed FOUR CLIENTS in TWO DAYS. I had never done that before." -- happy client

"Within a few days of Bridget helping me to clean out my office closet of old advertising materials, I received two calls from previous clients wanting to start up again. Within two weeks I was in discussion with five local businesses about projects. Before this, it had been a scarily quiet two months. Thank you, Bridget!" --A.R.

"I had my messes 'hidden' in multiple drawers, cabinets and closets.  By having everything neat and organized, I am not only able to find what I need much more quickly, I no longer have the lingering shame and guilt of having the skeletons in the closet, as it were.  Plus, I now overlook the window which REALLY impacts my positivity and outlook when I sit down at my desk each morning!" -- Claudine Francois, CFO

Are you ready to...

stop the mess, right here and now? 

have a beautiful and clear workspace?

 be in control of your work and environment,

feel confident and inspire others,


optimize your work-from-home space for inspiration & maximum productivity?

Then Desk for Success is for you.


There are no refunds. Once purchased, you will receive a personal email from me within 24 hours, with an intake form and a link to book your call. See you soon!

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