entry way

Clutter never really bothers this client, but it does her husband. So, as a surprise to him, she hired me for the weekend to take care of some special projects. One of them was the entryway.

We purged the area of extraneous items and decided that a stylish cabinet to store boots and bags would be just the thing, making them easy to excess and eliminate the visual clutter. It better fills the space and is an anchor for the entry.

A big basket for each child holds bookbags and coats, containing the mess that occurs when the kids come home and they start shedding their stuff. 


commercial office

The owner of Ed's Garage Doors is a busy man. His cluttered office (leftovers from moving showrooms in 2018) and lack of a system was weighing him down and causing inefficiency. His goal was to clear the clutter and create a simple system for his ongoing projects. We did this office in THREE hours, because he made very quick decisions -- all cabinets, drawers, and boxes, cleaned up and out! We made him a simple system for his projects. For business owners, time is money; one of the best ways to gain time is to have an organized office and simple systems of efficiency.


closet clean-out

The client had moved in 13 years ago, and the closet had been in the same disarray since. The state of her house was contributing to her stress, and starting in the closet was manageable. Our goal was to make the closet feel like an oasis: tuck everything into drawers, rainbow-coordinate the clothes, and I pulled some of her crystals in for a soothing effect. Difficulties came when we uncovered the clothes from her past, but she realized that the past is behind her and her time is NOW. She loves how her closet feels.



home office

A home office, shared by a husband and wife, had accumulated years of clutter. The duo didn't have any systems set up, and much of the clutter was unopened mail (along with gadgets, office supplies, and family memorabilia). Decluttering was the name of this game. We had only two days, so all mail that needed going through was sorted into banker boxes and labeled with details and I left the clients with instructions to sort through later. Another large aspect of this project was to pull all like items together (office items, books, camera gear, etc) and clearly label them.

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pantry and storage

This family's kitchen needed some re-arrangement for better flow, and to give the school-aged kids some more independence. Part of that was to make the kid stuff (cereals, snacks, cups, & plates) at kid height. Bins and clear labels make it a no-brainer for the kids to help themselves.

As a family that frequently entertains, they had an abundance of party items. We decluttered these, and created easy systems with clear labels so that anyone who is setting up and breaking down can put everything back where it belongs. 


declutter, transform guest room, basement

The guest bedroom had become the room of hand-me-down clothes and unfinished projects, and a general repository. My client wanted to make the room warm and welcoming for soon-to-arrive guests, so we cleared it out, donated piles of hand-me-downs, and she dashed to Home Goods for some great bedroom buys. Clearing the basement storage was a separate project. The client had items in her living room that needed to go in the basement, except there wasn't any room in the basement. We purged the storage areas, consolidated like items, and cleared out the living room. Later, she'll convert the living room into a games and music room a lovely way for this family of four to come together.


unpacking, home styling & organizing

My adventurous client had closed up life in California and moved her life for a new start in sunny Mexico! Challenged by the unpacking and setting up a new house by herself, she let everything sit for several months. Finally, she called me and asked me come down to Mexico and help her to establish her new home. Of course I said yes! We unpacked what was left in boxes (lots of hard-to-go-through memories), set up the kitchen to flow smoothly, selected some paint colors, and set up several rooms. My favorite is this one, the living room. When she saw the final product, she exclaimed, "This room feels like an expression of my soul!" It was music to my ears and heart.


declutter, organize, convert space

I was called in to help redefine spaces and give them purpose. The entryway was a messy pile of shoes and sports equipment. To organize it, each family member got their own bag and 2 shelves for shoes; sports equipment got a catch-all.  The office & living room had been taken over by an extensive baseball card collection. We found storage in the living room for the cards, created a desk solely for baseball work, and reclaimed the office. The TV room was a catch-all for large storage items, and the owner was longing for a place to create her art. We cleaned it out and converted a large corner into her artist's nook. She was delighted with the results and is still painting there!


declutter, closet organization, systems

This ground-floor apartment was long, and small on space. Areas had to serve many functions. One blessing of the apartment was the massive entry closet. The client had organized it before, but it had gotten cluttered and she wanted better systems for it. Bridget to the rescue! In the entry closet, we purged by category and then established clearly-defined spaces to hold outdoor gear, coats, office supplies, art supplies, etc.The main objective was to declutter. We purged the master closet of items she no longer loved and set up the closet so that her most-used items are easiest to access. The client loved opening her closet to see all her favorite colorful clothes just waiting to be worn.


declutter, systems,whole home organizing

This client kept the clutter tucked neatly into cabinets and closets. One of my favorite projects, I purged and organized by myself, with regular input and check-ins from the client. Pictured are his & hers master closets: His was already well-organized. There was some reasoning to her closet, but I organized it so that she can get dressed in the morning in one 360-degree turn. The master bathroom was de-cluttered and organized so that most-used items were reachable. I solved a lighting issue by sticking some clickable lights under the shelf so that she could riffle through makeup bins without needing to pull them out.


declutter, organize storage space

This basement storage project occurred because the mom knew it was too much for her to handle alone, so she hired me to guide her process and be a second set of hands. We worked side-by-side for a few days (the room was 12' x 20'-ish) and plowed through. Items were in general groupings, but objects had also migrated around the unit. She also had to get rid of stuff they no longer needed and had duplicates. She was a great example of someone who has organizing skills but needed guidance and support.


declutter, organize closet

This is a glimpse into a larger home organizing project. The master bedroom closet was small for this working mother who loved fashion. We purged her wardrobe by half, which delighted her because she could see all of her clothes. I organized them by frequency of use: her most-used category (work clothes) were the easiest to access when she opens the closet door. We utilized under-bed storage for seasonal items, and I gave her instructions on how to switch out for the seasons.

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