Divine Organizing transforms your home into a relaxing, stylish haven  that is the soul expression of you and your family through decluttering, organizing, and decor.

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owner Bridget Flynn creates homes that support their owners and expresses their values and aesthetic. 


She combines her love of homes and spirituality into one business. Previously, Bridget has owned and operated a successful home organizing business in Silicon Valley, worked as an interior designer in Denver, and has given intuitive readings since 1998. She is certified in energy healing methods and has a keen understanding of how energy affects space. Intuitively, she reads the energy of the home and helps her clients to connect the dots between themselves and the state of their home.

This understanding is brought into every project to help her clients shift the energy in their personal environment, and achieve their organizational and design goals. What drives her is a deep desire to help people change their lives through changing their homes.


"Bridget was able to motivate my much needed organizational muscle in order to get through years of and closets filled with accumulated memories.  She is thoughtful, professional, trustworthy, and willing to work on her own without supervision. Having her organize my home was truly a blessing!"

- Susan  /  Redwood City, CA

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