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Divine Organizing offers home organizing and full moving services to clients in Fairfield County and beyond.
We have been creating divinely organized spaces since 2014.

Bridget Flynn, owner of Divine Organizing, in a blue blouse sitting at a table



At Divine Organizing, we're all about leveling up your home and workspace, especially if you're an entrepreneur or a woman in business. An organized and stylish room is more than just Instagram-worthy; it's a vibe that boosts your creativity and success. We help you declutter and organize, so your home and office reflect your inner self. We're not just about tidying up; we're about helping you unlock your full potential. With us, your stuff isn't just stuff—it's part of your success story.


Bridget Flynn has been organizing homes for a decade. Specializing in decluttering and deep transformation of a room, Bridget knows the ins and outs of decluttering and effective organization. Her approach isn't just about putting things in their places—it's about creating a space that radiates positive energy, aligning perfectly with her client's unique aesthetic. Bridget understands that a well-organized home isn't just visually pleasing; it's a conduit for clear intuition and personal growth. Get ready to turn your home into a haven with Bridget's proven methods. She lives in Connecticut and serves clients across the US. She serves on the boards of local nonprofits and enjoys cocktails and baking in her free time.


"Bridget was able to motivate my much needed organizational muscle in order to get through years of and closets filled with accumulated memories.  She is thoughtful, professional, trustworthy, and willing to work on her own without supervision. Having her organize my home was truly a blessing!"

- Susan  /  Redwood City, CA

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