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It is hard for me to find the words to express my gratitude to Bridget, proprietor of Intuitive Interiors.


When I interviewed Bridget, her presence, articulation, understanding, values, and style made me feel completely comfortable with hiring her on the spot.


She has guided me through a difficult, emotional process with a very stable, logical, efficient process that yielded incredible results.


She never judged my taste or choices and was very gentle even though I knew I was hanging on to something that really needed to go. But she gave me the breathing room to be able to come to that conclusion in my own time.


I purchased a 40-hour package with Bridget, and she has kept me on track and moving forward in a way that every one of those 40 hours have been the most productive hours I have spent in this new house of mine, making it a home. Making it mine after the end of an 18-year marriage. My goal was to carve out enough space in this 800 ft.² to make it comfortable for me to potentially rent one of the rooms. I believe with all my heart that that goal has been accomplished.


I have come to value the finer skills that she brings to this process. I was perplexed to some extent as to why she was quizzing me so carefully about how I operate in the kitchen. The next Saturday morning when I was going through my cooking routine, the brilliance of her rearranging of my utensils and plates and pots and pans broke through the clouds and shone down on me like a bright sun. It was so natural and flowed so well I was impressed all over again.


Bridget has played such an important role in my process and progress toward becoming someone who is proud of their home again. I will never forget her and will always be grateful. How often do you meet someone who has such a positive effect on your life in such a short time?


She is worth every reasonable penny that she charges. I cannot thank her enough. If you are looking for more than an organizer, but a partner in making your house a home, Bridget is the woman that will make that happen for you.


Hire. This. Woman.

Beth, Redwood City, CA

Organizing my house is something I have always put off…until I met Bridget.  She brings a can do, roll your sleeves up attitude to the job and approaches each challenge with creativity and intellect. From closets to pantries, garages and playrooms, she leaves your space clean, organized, and a vision to behold. My closet looks like a Parisian boutique! Bridget is a real pro and a delight to work with. She takes the pain out of an organizing project and, dare I say, actually makes it fun. Wish I had met her years ago. Bravo!  

Angela, Portola Valley, CA

I could not be happier with the miracle (job doesn't cover it) Bridget performed for me. I was bogged down with multiple levels of clutter/disorganization/planning a move and was truly overwhelmed by the reality of it all. Bridget came in with boundless energy, amazing kindness, endless patience, and wonderful ideas. Her skills in working both with people and challenges helped me to get through some pretty big changes with calm and peace. On top of many hard days of work, she's provided thoughtful follow-up ideas to help keep me on track.

I can't say enough good things about my experience with Bridget. If you're nervous or fearful about change, and tackling that big monster of a project, you are in excellent hands.

Lynne, San Francisco, CA



THE BEST GIFT I EVER GAVE MYSELF! Bridget spent two weekends helping me organize a large closet full of miscellany, and also all of my clothing. She was energetic, full of creative ideas, and tons of fun. She has a real gift for organizing, and a great eye for style and fashion. I won't hesitate to call on her again.

Carol, San Francisco, CA

When a task is overwhelming, it's difficult to begin.  There are things to sort, to donate, to buy, to clean, to discard, to change.  There are decisions to make and priorities to set.  Sometimes, it's just too hard to face this alone.  That's where Bridget comes in.  We worked together as a team, making lists and digging into the work.  She offers her advice and suggestions in a supportive, non-judgmental way and works to improve the situation with which she is confronted.  Nothing is beneath here, and her goal seems to be -- to just make everything right!  She knows that "a long journey begins with the first step".

Genie, Portola Valley, CA

Bridget was a beam of welcome light during a time when I had to finish up a very tough move. I was stuck, frustrated, and emotional. Not only did she organize everything and help it flow easily, she made it enjoyable and kept me calm (four of those words I've never used in a sentence when I think about moving). Bridget's ability to efficiently get it done all while being supportive, kind, and compassionate is a gift. I look forward to utilizing her services again in the future!

Lindsey, Los Gatos, CA



Bridget has been an inspiration to me.  I had pretty much let my filing go for years.  I felt too overwhelmed to address it.  Bridget got me back on track immediately with her methodical approach to organizing files and addressing actionable items.  She set up a station for me in my living room where I was to open my mail, following the practice of OHIO - Only Handle it Once.  We worked together side by side as she guided me, telling me what to pitch/shred, how to categorize, analyze documents, how long to keep files. etc. She gave me a list of document detention procedures.  My home is now in order!  Bridget is a very kind, patient, engaging and encouraging person, a joy to work with. 

Pam, Palo Alto, CA



I had sat on a "must do" job in my new house for months.  Every weekend I planned to arrange and organize but I didn't.  I got guilty.  Eventually, I asked Bridget to take charge!  I went out for a few hours and when I came home the bathroom looked like a new place.  Not only was it beautifully put together with new excess space, but she showed me what I already had and so she actually saved me a lot of money in buying replacements.  Bridget is friendly, listens and communicates, and yet she calls you out on your need to change and think of your space in a new way.  I am really happy with the results.
Jodie, Redwood City, CA

Bridget was able to motivate my much needed organizational muscle in order to get through years of and closets filled with accumulated memories.  She is thoughtful, professional, trustworthy, and willing to work on her own without supervision.  Having her organize my home was truly a blessing!

Susan, Redwood City CA



Bridget cut through the clutter with calmness, professionalism and a smile.  She organized for me a filing system, my garage, and closets that actually work and are easy to maintain.  She is very knowledgeable about possible solutions, and worked closely with me to make sure that the chosen solution is the right one for me.  My house looks wonderful!  

DCH, Palo Alto, CA



Bridget came to my house to help me reorganize my room.  At first I was a little hesitant to hire a personal organizer because I had a lot to do and I could see how easily it would be to blow right through my budget.  Bridget made sure to discuss with me what I wanted out of my experience, what my ultimate goals were, and how much I wanted to spend.  She gave me the option to work together, or have her organize on her own.  I decided to do it together.  Bridget did a great job of keeping me on track, cleaning, and organizing items into keep, throw-away, and donate.  Bridget wanted to make sure there was a system in place for keeping everything organized in the future.  By the time we were done I felt like she had gone above and beyond to make sure I was happy and my space was organized in the best way for me.  I highly recommend Bridget’s services, especially to anyone who has never tried a personal organizer or has had a bad experience in the past.  She will take care of you and make sure you are satisfied with the results!  Thanks Bridget!

M. Ross, Emerald Hills, CA

"Bridget did a space clearing on my home and my office space.  I had some guests visiting for several months, and their energy had left a negative feel throughout the house.  I couldn't shake the negative feeling.  A friend recommended Bridget, who is kind, professional, and acts with integrity. I immediately felt the difference, and my home was restored to the peaceful haven it's intended to be. Bridget is great in giving details of what she saw, thorough in her cleansing, and gave me tips on how to maintain the peaceful environment in my home and office.  I highly recommend her for any space clearing."

Karen D, San Carlos CA


Intuitive Guidance & Coaching


"Bridget is a beacon of love that offers an inspiring amount of action-oriented empowerment in her sessions.  After a chat with her, I feel uplifted and motivated with a clear idea of where to go next.  Not to mention, her meditations are simply divine and leave you floating on a cloud of bliss.  She is truly talented and one of the best in her field."

Lindsey P, Boston, MA


"My session with Bridget was extremely helpful and informative.  She lovingly showed me some areas that I could grow into being my 'true self' that would bring more love into my marital relationship and at the same time help me expand and grow in my business. Recognizing the impact of one change across all areas of my life.  Am so grateful for her kind and caring spirit."

Sharon H, North Carolina


"I have always believed in higher level healing, the type that touches the soul and shifts you. I was introduced to Bridget by a friend. At the time, I was struggling with work and letting go of an abusive past. Meeting Bridget was the most wonderful 'meeting'. After speaking with her about what is happening in my life, I knew that I had to work with her! Bridget is kind, funny, and patient. We worked together for four sessions and I truly enjoyed every minute! Each session built on top of each other, jelled, worked together to move me into a motivated, calm, and accepting state. I always walked away from our sessions more alive than before. Give yourself time, and have the patience to experience the healing. At this current moment, I have attracted more vibrancy and love into my life. I have also gained more work, making more money! This was exactly what I was looking for! 


I would recommend Bridget's work to anyone looking for guidance, looking to heal, looking for balance. Be open to the possibilities when you are in session and never stop believing. The universe is Divine, and Bridget will guide you to see that."

Shara M, Long Island, NY


"I cannot begin to say enough about how wonderful Bridget is! She has helped me immensely through some major life changes, and continues to help me through current struggles.  I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through it without the guidance that has come through, and her loving support. Whether you are seeking specific answers about something, or just feeling lost, I highly recommend booking a session with Bridget.  She's the real deal!"

Katy A, Redwood City, CA


"I had an onset of intense, sharp pain in my writing hand and shoulder.  Within fifteen minutes on the phone with Bridget, she identified what was causing the pain.  In my many years of working with various healers, energy workers, and psychics, I was blown away by the ease and relief I immediately felt.  The sharp pain had subsided.  She shared with me messages of love and healing from my beloved ones who passed on.  I was empowered to connect with the deep love of the Christ Consciousness and move forward into finding pleasure, joy, and deep connection to myself.  She holds the power of pure love in her voice and it touched my heart immensely, allowing it to soften and receive the powerful gifts.  Forever grateful for Bridget and her beautiful gifts that affirm we are LOVE."

Katrina E, Tacoma, WA


"My experience of Bridget, is she is a gifted healer, intuitive and creates a safe sacred space for transformation.

Bridget’s readings have supported and enlightened me many times in my life, especially when I am on the cusp of a transition, or struggling with the same old patterns, or not understanding what spiritual lesson it is that I am supposed to be receiving in my life. Her readings have helped me immeasurably to embrace my inner confidence, to know I am on the right path for me, and to practice coming more and more into the divine feminine. 

I absolutely LOVE Bridget’s energetic prescriptions, as remedies, for my spiritual struggles. Her remedies help me to shift energy, often instantly…and to live my life from a new frame…a friendly loving frame that supports my highest self and well-being.

Bridget is my go-to-energy healer because I like quick energy turn-arounds in my life."

-- Denise H, San Carlos, CA


"My sessions with Bridget have been life-changing.  I met Bridget at a time in my life where I was searching for the next steps in my career, for my future.  My job was unfulfilling and I was not feeling connected to any one person or relationship. I was filled with stress each day at work, and felt blocked. I had no idea what I wanted next.


The first session I had with Bridget propelled me onto the path I was searching for all along. She told me messages from my past relatives, living family members, coworkers and my guides, angels and the Divine. Each message was filled with love and support to help me find my way. Each message was reassuring as it helped me in finding my own inner happiness. Bridget's advice and suggested practices provoked change within me to be a better, loving and open version of myself. So many messages she relayed to me became my reality, and her suggestions on my next steps helped me to continue in the right direction.


I have had 3 sessions with Bridget so far, and I know I will continue to reach out to her. Since the first one in May to now September, I have changed everything in my life:  I resigned from an unfulfilling job, and I am currently moving from the Bay Area to Lake Tahoe. I found my inner happiness that was buried in muck. She helped me clear the path to let it shine through. Each day since the first session, I feel happiness in my heart, each day is joyful and fulfilled. There is still work to be done, and I have my moments of fear... it's just different now. It's a fear mixed with excitement. I feel in my heart and see messages each day that everything is aligning to work with me to continue down this path.


Bridget helped me find the real me - I'm still getting to know this version of me, and I'm LOVING the journey, it is continuous joyful work. She helped me to understand what I wanted from my heart to live out in my daily life. She is a loving woman, a beautiful soul. And the readings are truly FUN as well... Lots of love and laughs during each one!"  

Jessica A, Lake Tahoe, CA


"Bridget Flynn has been influential in helping me find my truth.  Her keen intuition and positive outlook have helped me turn my life around and be honest with myself as to what I really want from my life.  It is truly amazing how her individualized meditations suit exactly the trauma I am experiencing at that very moment and instantly calm and empower me.  She is a warm and caring individual who genuinely wants to share her gifts so that you may better traverse your path and find your personal freedom."

Karen G, San Carlos, CA


"Through her alternative methods, Bridget cures you with her heart -- not out of ego, but out of pure love -- a desire to revive the parts of us that have fallen asleep due to old beliefs, doubts, sadness and negative life experiences.  She's here to switch all these things around.  Bridget unearths and resurrects the beautiful truths about ourselves that we've buried during our walk through life.  It is without reservation that I recommend her to anyone who needs to be healed in any way."

-- Danielle T, New York City


“Thank you so much for taking the time to share your beautiful gift with me.  You have such a big heart.  I really felt like you understood me and what was in my heart, despite the fact that we’ve never actually met.  Your reading was spot on and you said things to me that not only made sense, and were totally applicable, but you used specific words that have been brought to my attention by others in the spiritual community.  It was kind of crazy.  I feel so blessed by what you’ve said.  I’ve felt really good since we chatted.  I don’t feel the intense pull of the cords you cut any longer. Thank you again for spending so much time with me.  I feel like I’ve had so many blessings from this journey and even more blessed to have so many sisters patiently helping me find my power.”

Nicole G, Washington


"Doing spiritual guidance with Bridget was an amazing experience which had a strong impact on my life, guiding me forward and helping me to heal after a deeply traumatic experience.  Bridget's gift of intuition, combined with her compassion, kindness and professional approach, made her a gift in my life during a very difficult time.  I am deeply grateful for the time that we spent working together and highly recommend her to anyone in need of healing."

Allison G, New Jersey


"My dear beautiful Warrior Goddess. I can't thank you enough for the energy session you gifted to me this morning. I must tell you that I am feeling a immense energy and strength within in me. Even as I looked in the mirror I saw a new me if that makes any sense. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift! Sending you an abundance of Love, blessings and heartfelt gratitude."

Darlene M., Los Angeles, CA  Gaia's Earth Gifts

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