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Is It Intuition or Fear? A gentle inquiry

Mondays are my coaching call days. Besides having Brad Pitt brush my hair and whisper to me, “you’re so beautiful”, there’s no better start to my week.


These calls are GOLD. In every session, I’m amazed at the messages and wisdom that come through. They’re unique to the client so I receive a different slant, but what is personal is universal.

One client yesterday morning asked a classic question on determining if it’s intuition or ego -- a problem we all have from time to time, especially if the intuition is on something we’re afraid of. :)

Imagine this…

You’re in your living room and something catches your eye. You get a flash of feeling.

The information and feeling hit you in the heart or the gut, and sink right in. Uh-oh, you think. Noooo. Whatever caught your eye in the living room triggers a deep-rooted fear. You don’t want it to be true.

In an imperceptible nanosecond, that intuitive hit is overrun by reasoning that soothes you.

“There’s a reasonable explanation.”

“She would NEVER do that. Must be one of her friends.”

Two things are happening to confuse you in that moment:

One, the time lapse between the intuitive hit and the reasonable thoughts is almost (or maybe is) imperceptible to you.

Two, when you’re being triggered in the moment and staring one of your biggest fears in the face, it isn’t so simple. Whatever you received intuitively, that initial flash of “something”, you don’t want it to be true. Maybe your construct of reality -- or your heart -- really can’t handle it right now. So, the ego or the rational mind will take over. You simply don’t want the information to be true.

My client’s question this morning was, “In those moments when I’m confused, how can I tell if it’s my intuition?”

What came through for her specifically was this:

“Give it space. When you're having lack of trust around your intuition, when you're unsure, give it space.

Have patience.

Ask questions.

Be willing to know the truth in that moment. If you’re unwilling to know the truth, you can give yourself the space and ask the questions, but your answers will all lead back to the ego. It's just whether or not in that moment you are ready to know the truth. And that's not a judgement, it's just where you're at. In your personal inquiry, for whatever reason, your ego was more invested in the falsehood. And that's okay. It's all part of everything. It's all part of the learning. Release the shame or embarrassment and judgment. You are learning. And learning is never perfect.”

This helps us to release the need for the intuition to be right or wrong. I know, we want our intuition to be right all the time.

Here’s the thing.

Our intuition is right. It’s just our connection to it is cluttered, cloudy, or erratic. It’s not our intuition that’s untrustworthy -- it’s the lines of communication that are rusty. We are mislabeling our misinterpretation of intuition as “my intuition was wrong.”

That belief causes us to close up like little clams. It makes us distrust the next intuition that comes along, and the next and the next, until we’ve blocked ourselves from receiving intuitions.

If we can allow ourselves inquiry into the intuition, if we can allow for the possibility that the intuition is right and that we’re afraid of what might happen next, our connection could further open because we’re brave. (Seek assistance on the situation so that you feel safer.)

No one and nothing is wrong. Nothing and no one are bad.

I stress the importance of discerning that it’s not our intuition that’s wrong -- it’s just that we’re misinterpreting because our connection is rusty or cluttered.

Intuition is our soul’s connection to our bodies. That connection is pure. We just need practice in interpreting. To get the practice, we need to be a bit brave and ask ourselves the questions.

I find it very interesting that many of us want our intuition to be right all the time. If that resonates with you, why do you want it to be right all the time?

If you need help connecting to your intuition, then I encourage you to book a call to see if Anxious to Intuitive, my 90-day, 1-on-1 intuition coaching program is right for you!


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